Jorge da Capadócia – Jorge Ben Jor – Song review

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September 25, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

MTV Acustico

I will talk about Jorge Ben Jor song Jorge da Capadócia.

This is one of the songs that I could say that changed a little bit of my life.

So if I get too personal, don’t get me wrong, I really love this song.

If you never listened this song but you do know something about Jorge Ben Jor, you will probably think of happy and dancing moods, songs like “Mas que nada”, “País Tropical” or “Taj Mahal” (those are great songs too). But Jorge da Capadócia it’s a completely different theme and song.

The song start with soul music introduction, but after 30 seconds become slower and dense, something unusual for Jorge Ben songs, but it is the theme of Jorge da Capadócia. The great thing about this song it’s the lyrics. This song it’s  like a prayer, but instead of asking for protection to Saint George, Jorge Ben it’s announcing to foes and enemies that he have George (Jorge in portuguese) protection, and with Saint George protection he will fear nothing.

I see this song as a Battle Cry, and I love the lyrics and the mood that the songs creates. Every time that I am in a bad situation, or going for something new in my life I like to hear this song. In someway this song prepares me to a battle, not by asking for protection, but for knowing that I am protected and whatever challenges me should be ready, because Im not alone and I do not fear.

This song it’s pretty strong, and in this arranged acoustic version it gets stronger! I will translate a little bit of the lyrics to get the feel:

“George is set in cavalry, and Im happy because Im in his company (regiment)

Im dressed with George’s clothes and weapons, so that my enemies feet’s don’t reach me, so that my enemies hands don’t grab me or touch me, so that my enemies eyes don’t see me, and that even my enemies thoughts don’t hurt me.”

It’s not the best translation, but you can get the idea.

I suggest this song for people trying to get rid of bad luck, or people going for a new challenge. If you believe in Saint George or are afraid of flying, you should definitely should listen this song too.

This song is a Battle Cry, War song or pre-game song too. It’s not what you expect from a battle cry, because it’s not heavy or super dense, but the lyrics are so powerful that we don’t need electric guitars or heavy drums.

Hope you enjoy it! It’s one of my favorites all time, great for intense and new situations.


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