Ani DiFranco – Band Review

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September 26, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

YEAH! I got my first official music suggestion, thanks to my italian friend Claudia Mara!
Let me say, Im loving this suggestion thing, I listening to new artists and songs that as head banger I would come close. Ani DiFranco it’s quite a surprise…

What im reviewing: The american (the name made me think she was italian, but no) singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco.

How do I got in touch with this: A friend from U Dub, Claudia, came with this artist idea for the blog.

About the Band: Actually she is a solo artist, but ok! Ani DiFranco as I saw in Google and Wikipedia is a feminist idol and great artist. She released more than 20 albums in her career. Ani DiFranco looks reminds me the singer for the 90’s band Four Non Blond, with dreads, crazy clothes and punk style, but her music it’s folk pop and mostly with acoustic guitars and soft drums and bass. If you listen to DiFranco without knowing her you could mistake DiFranco with Alanis Morissette.

Songs that I listened: Once again 3 songs. Two songs are folk, soft and well played acoustic guitar music: 32 Flavors and Not a Pretty Girl (strong lyrics about sexist approach to appearance and what a girl should do, actually it’s pretty well written) and a crazy rap style song called My IQ.

Moods: Calm, smooth, chilling.

Places: Good for lounge places as living room, coffee shops and calm environments.

Situations: In a dinner with friends, at a coffee break and situations that people are talking.  Also if you are trying to calm down, relax and enjoy some company (if you know what I mean LoL) you could listen to some Ani DiFranco songs.

Will I put them in my playlist: 32 flavors yes, the other two don’t think so. She have like 200 songs, have to listen more after deciding which ones goes to my playlist.


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