How to Rape a Country – A Change of Pace – Song Review

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September 26, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

What im reviewing: The Song How to Rape a Country, by the band A Change of Pace.

How do I got in touch with this: Listened in a San Diego Chargers Highlights video.

About the Band: It’s a post-hardcore and metal band from Peoria, AZ. They are not very famous, this I got by an accident! The band started in 2001, in the golden age of nu metal, so they sound it’s a little bit like this, but the band changed, and if you like this song just stay with the first CD.

Songs that I listened: It’s called How to Rape a Country. This song it’s quite heavy, is not fast, but the loud guitars and low tunings make this song pretty tense! The singer doesn’t scream a lot, different from the nu metal thing, more like hardcore. The chorus it’s so good that makes the perfect pre-game song:

We’ve got a thirst for your blood
It’s pumping through our veins
Wait till the moment arrives
Show no mercy

That’s great tune up song if you entering the field or into a fight (martial arts).

Moods: Aggressive and nervous (not angry).

Places: Moshpitt in a concert? LoL! Football stadiums, gym, martial arts mat, and urban areas.

Situations: Pre-game, tune up, gym, running.

Will I put them in my playlist: Already in!


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