It’s Alive! Music Shuffle blog it’s alive!!!


September 26, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

Boys and Girls, it’s official: Music Shuffle it’s alive!!!!


Some of you probably saw this blog before the official birth, no problemos! Everybody is welcome in my humble blog!

This blog is for those of you who love music and like to explore new songs, bands and different styles! That’s why I created, to help me and you to get more songs for our shuffle! You can learn more about myself (Gabriel Soto) here, and more about he blog’s idea here

To help everybody to find songs and bands, I will categorize them in Moods, Places to Hear and Situations! No rating, no good or bad, no generic genres, just a lot of music and some good situations to hear them!

As you can see, the blog it’s very young and I did my best in this last 24 hours to put some content for you guys! But to make this blog bigger, better, faster, stronger, awesome I will need your help! Im no expert, and the reviews are my simple opinion on where, when and what to listen. If you agree, don’t agree, have a better situation and any other ideas, you are more than welcome to participate! This is a live blog, an open space for people that likes music to find new songs, band or have a different music experience! So comments are not only appreciated by me, but the conversation and discussion are necessary to increase this blog repertoire and objective! So please, reply a lot!

Also, you can send suggestions to the blog! We are not rating music, so feel free to send any kind of music and I promise that it will be posted on the blog.

I created a couple of posts about bands and songs, you should start with those:

I really hope you enjoy the posts, the idea of the blog and all this new music experience.
Let’s create an environment for us to discuss, talk and discover new music!

I will be posting at least one review every day, and I’m really happy to say that this blog IT’S ALIVE!

Let’s have some fun!!!!

And if you see any problem, broken links, suggestions on what should I do, guest posting, wanna be a writer too, come and talk to me!


2 thoughts on “It’s Alive! Music Shuffle blog it’s alive!!!

  1. Paulo Duarte Jr. says:

    My great friend, first of all congrats on your studies in US and I wish you all the success in the world in that project!

    Work is hard in São Paulo, but I’m surely up to follow your posts here. There’s a documentary named “Tropicália” in the movies in BR. The critics are good, especially because it shows not only what happened in the final 60’s here, but it runs over Gil and Caetano, even when they were not in Brazil anymore. There’s even a show of them in the Isle of Wight’s Festival in 1970 when they were kicked abroad to London. Well, time is running and I want to see it, if I get it I’ll send you some stuff.

    Good luck, studies, work hard and the way to your achievements will be clear. Hugs, man!

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