Streetlight Manifesto – Band Review

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September 26, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

Ok! This was an indirect recommendation by my friend, Paulo Figueira.

What im reviewing: The ska punk band from New Jersey called Streetlight Manifesto.

How do I got in touch with this: My friend Paulo Victor Figueira recommended and also because they are coming to Seattle.

About the Band: As most Ska punk band they have a lot of members, they are eight guys fronted by guitar/singer Tomas Kalnoky. As I said they play ska punk, and they are actually really good playing, specially live (one of the videos posted are live, very good, very energetic live performance). They are in the same style as Reel Big Fish and The Mighty Mighty Boss, so what do you get it’s a lot of punk rock elements (fast tempo, loud guitars and screaming) mixed with brass instruments (saxophone, trombone, trumpet) and reggae bass lines.

Songs that I listened: I picked 3 songs. Two fast paced: We Will Fall Together (live) and Everything Goes Numb and one very upright and ska: Point/Counterpoint. I have to admit that ska punk wasn’t one of my favorite genres bur Streetlight Manifesto have so much energy that I almost fell of my chair.

Moods: Energetic, Fun, Crazy! These song could really make you feel better…

Places: I imagine myself in a beach or a waterfall. I can’t stop thinking about water environments, but can’t be on a lake, too calm for these guys!

Situations: Good for social interactions on open air, like barbecues, camping and surfing trips. I also can imagine driving on highway near the ocean. Also, if you like loudy guitars but don’t get into ska, Streetlight can be a bridge for you.

Will I put them in my playlist: Yes! and also have to see them live!


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