Amy Macdonald – Artist Review

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September 29, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

This one is a user suggestion! Fernanda Kruger told me to listen one of her favorite artist, Amy Macdonald.

Pic of Amy Macdonald

What im reviewing: Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Macdonald

How do I got in touch with this: User suggestion.

About the Artist: Amy Macdonald started her career in 2007. If you listen to Amy songs for the first time (like me) you can say that she is an american country singer, but if you pay attention you can see difference between what she does and country singers do. Actually you can say that Amy Macdonald do something more like british pop mixed with local music.

Songs that I listened: Mr. Rock and Roll and This is Life. Both songs are easy songs, good and calm tunes. They are acoustic guitar based songs, with a little bit of folk, a little bit of brit pop (Oasis, Travis, Coldplay) and a little bit of pop too. Simple and comfortable songs!

Moods: Calm, relax, reflective.

Places: Living room, Bus, Plane and places that you can relax!

Situations: Good for rainy days, bus rides and walks in the park.

Will I put them in my playlist: Why not? Im listening more Amy Macdonald songs to get the best album!


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