How You Like me Now – The Heavy – Song review

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September 29, 2012 by gabrielenriquesoto

Hey guys, this is one of David Letterman favorites!
The song by british band The Heavy made huge success because Mr. Letterman liked the band so much that he asked The Heavy to play again the same song!

What im reviewing: the song How You Like me Now from The Heavy.

How do I got in touch with this: David Letterman made this band play twice the same song in the Late Show for the first time (the show have more than 20 years).

About the Band: The Heavy is a British quartet that plays rock mixed with R&B and Soul. The singer have an incredible voice tone, sings like famous blues and soul singers, mixing screams with high notes. The band makes groovy sounds and alternative rock.

Songs that I listened: How do you like me now. This song it’s very surprising, because of the brass instruments mixed with a groovy guitar and a upbeat drum rhythm. As a good R&B / Soul song the bass lines are very strong and presents in the music. The singer do an amazing job in this song, using all of his range. Defiantly a well written and produced tune, but if you wanna see why Letterman dig this song too much you should watch the live version, they play with so much intensity and energy and you can check David excitement! 

Moods: Dancing, Energetic, Joy, Sexy.

Places: This is the perfect song to dance in a party! You start with some swing moves and you can end the song jumping!

Situations: House party, club party and you can also use this song to get everybody in the mood!

Will I put them in my playlist: I like them now! 


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