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This is Music Shuffle! A blog created by Gabriel Soto.

The idea of this blog is to help people like me (who is always looking for new music or getting tired of their own playlist) to find new bands and songs. To make easier for my users, I will not rate any songs (I will leave the rating part for you guys), but I will categorize them!

But it’s not going to be any kind of genres and traditional music categorization! It will rather be something more useful for us. Who cares if a band is Indie, Pop, Rock, Metal, Samba or whatever, as long we listen them in the right situation and in the right mood, it’s all good.

So, I will categorize songs and bands in a more practical style, in ways that everybody can relate without thinking of genres. It will be about moods (angry, happy, sad, nervous, satiric), places to hear (in mountain, beach, subway, gym) and in every day situations (working out, house party, hipsters house party, bbq, pre-game). I will look for new and music that I still don’t know, listen, and then I will do a little evaluation of beat, lyrics, vocals and melodies to find a perfect category for each band and song.



Say anything! Do you like it? hate it?

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