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Hey boys and girls!

Gabriel Soto playing guitar

Just me with my axe!

My name is Gabriel Enrique Poletti Soto, i’m from Curitiba, Brazil, but right now, i’m living in Seattle, WA, in the US. I’m the editor and owner of this blog!

Why did I created this blog? For a couple of reasons:

First, I love music! I love listen to good music and I love to play music (you can check my sound cloud page for two of my songs).

Then, I was growing tired of listen the same music again and again. Editing this blog will force me to listen new and different music, so I took this opportunity to enlarge my music knowledge.

And the last reason it’s because I have to create a blog, for my Masters Degree at University of Washington (GO DAWGS!), MCDM. Why not doing something fun and that I love, right?

I’m no expert in music, so that’s why I will not rate if a band or song is good (but you should express your opinion with comments). I will try my best to create a good experience for everybody, and if we disagree, we can discuss everything on this blog!

If you want to know more about me, feel free to add me as friend on Facebook, Twitter or just shoot an email to musicshuffleblog@gmail.com

Hope you like the blog!


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